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i have to become a lawyer?

i am reading ba 2nd year (h.e.p). #justice

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1 answer

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Gajanan’s Answer


Bachelor’s degree in Law (L.L.B)
It is compulsory to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Law (L.L.B) duly recognized by bar council of India to become an advocate.

Types of Course
In India, there are two types of courses offered by various universities for the degree of law. One is the three years course offered after graduation and another one is the five year’s integrated course which commences right after the completion of 12th standard. Choose the appropriate course as per the eligibility conditions.

Common law entrance test
A common law entrance test (CLAT) is conducted on all India basis for getting admissions into five year integrated course in various law schools of the country. Only those who meet the eligibility criteria and pass this test are allowed admissions in the law schools all over the country. However, there are some universities that conduct their own entrance examination, viz. Symbiosis, NLU Delhi, NLU Orissa etc. Some universities grant the admissions on the basis of test conducted by Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Then there are several state level entrance tests also. The topics that are mainly covered in these entrance exams are: legal aptitude, Logical reasoning, English including comprehension, General knowledge/ current affairs and Elementary mathematics.

Three years degree
For three years degree course, some universities conduct separate entrance exams. On the other hand, some universities give admissions on the basis of merit only.

After the successful completion of the degree in law, a mandatory internship is compulsory for every aspiring advocate as per the guidelines and the norms of the institution.

An advocate has to get himself/herself enrolled to any State Bar Council regulated by the advocate’s act, 1961 before getting into the profession of law. It is only after this registration that they are allowed to practice in any part of the country.

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