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What careers are associated with Criminal Justice and working with juvenile delinquents?

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I am a 10th grade student at Boston Collegiate Chater School. I want to major in Criminal Justice some possible careers Im thinking about are probabtion officier #criminal #justice

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Hello Shonnelia,

Inside the criminal justice career, there is a work area denominated "Probation counselors" , usually specialize in either juvenile or adult probation. Juvenile probation counselors spend most their time assisting juvenile delinquents, but they do have many other duties. These specialists are also referred to as youth corrections counselors. Juvenile probation counselors advise courts where troubled youth who need to be supervised should live, such as a correctional facility, state school, or group home. They also meet regularly with social workers, juveniles' families, counselors, and other probation officers. Additionally, juvenile probation counselors write predisposition reports, testify at court hearings, and supervise diversion agreements.

Probation counselors also administer behavioral, mental health, and substance abuse counseling. Counselors frequently organize and teach classes to educate juveniles and their families. Juvenile probation counselors who administer counseling typically hold graduate degrees in psychology, counseling, or social work.

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