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Is the knowledge of foreign languages beneficial in obtaining a higher-paying job, most especially in accounting, and which languages would be most beneficial to know?

Updated Summerville, South Carolina

I am currently a rising high school senior, and I am still trying to review the best options of study for a successful career. I believe that I may want to study to be an accountant, but I also love foreign languages and working with those people with different cultural and language backgrounds. With our increasingly global market, I figured it would be a very wise decision to learn many languages, but I do not know which languages would be most beneficial to learn. #accounting #foreign-languages #linguistics

3 answers

Kevin’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Knowing a different language is definitely beneficial to any career. I'm not sure it will necessarily translate directly into higher pay, but it will definitely open up more doors for you. It will also make you a much more valuable and versatile employee. If you want to open up doors that will allow you to work for a period of time in a different country then selecting a language in a country you'd be interested in visiting would be a start. In all cases, if you study a language, make sure you work towards being fluent. In order to make an impact and get roles that touch international teams you would have to have a proficiency in the language. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much - that helps significantly!

Deidre Mercedes’s Answer

Updated Lithonia, Georgia

Some companies are willing to pay more for candidates who speak other languages. At any rate it can put you at the top of the list. It also allows you to be able to relocate abroad for opportunities with companies who do business overseas. Spanish and French are the top two languages offered in school along with German but the language depends on your interest and preferences. Many corporate employees are learning Japanese and Chinese because of the many partnerships with these countries.

Alicia’s Answer

Updated San Diego, California
Hi Manon - having reading/writing/speaking proficiency in different languages will most certainly benefit you in your accounting career! Some of the most competitive languages in public accounting are: Spanish, French, Mandarin and Russian however if you have fluency in other languages, that is certainly distinctive. Many firms will pay a premium for multi-language speakers depending on the particular group and/or role you are hired into. Additionally, you would likely be a strong candidate for a global assignment later on in your career. Good luck to you!