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How do you manage your time between your work and family?

As a student, I always make sure to get my assignments done early so I can spend time with my parents. Likewise, my parents do the same. However, every week on Sunday we have a movie marathon. In this marathon we all just sit with each other. We try to get stuff done in that time as well. Breakfast, dinner, and lunch can be also a way to spend more time. Alins A.

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4 answers

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Ginna’s Answer

Work-life balance is a hard question for everyone and SO important. The answer already there is excellent. I would also add: something to look for when you interact with your family (including parents, also partner and/or children) is to remember that when you are home with them to BE there with them. Of course now with Covid many of us are home most of the time. But there is a tendency to be thinking about work problems, especially if the problem is interesting. But for the other people in your life it is really important that you turn work off when you are interacting with your family.

You have already heard that it's important to make time for yourself. And in this area I am a BIG advocate of regular exercise. I have been working for over 50 years now and, while that may seem impossibly far away for you, if will come. And I credit my ability to still work and enjoy the work to the fact that I try to exercise every day.

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Tony’s Answer

Another tip I would suggest regarding disconnecting from work fully is to minimize distractions that pull you back into work mode unintentionally. The most obvious is turning off notifications if you have a smartphone for work. Most phones have features allowing more customization of notifications for apps and that can allow you to keep using your phone during your downtime while removing at least one of the temptations to draw you back in to work.

I also find it helpful to have a means of dealing with any work-related thoughts that pop up into my head during my downtime. So if I remember something that I need to do for work, rather than dwell on it, I find a way to capture the idea and my next action somewhere (i.e. notebook, smartphone app, etc) and that way I can clear my mind.

Increasingly, people talk about "work/life integration". So rather than hard boundaries between work and non-work it's more about smaller pivots. You need to figure out what works best for you, but the important thing is to regularly do some form of self-reflection to see how you're feeling. The physical and mental effects of a lack of balance are not immediately obvious as they creep up on you slowly. So take some time to really think about the different roles you play in life and what's most important to you.

I recently read the book "First Things First " by Stephen Covey and found it very insightful.

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Stacey’s Answer

This is a great question! It is extremely important to maintain a work life balance and I have found that the best way to keep this balance is to set boundaries. Have set "start" and "stop" times and stick to them. There will be occasions where you may need to start working earlier or stop working later than your set time however, this should not be the normal.

Another great way to ensure you maintain the balance is to have a set day or night that you spend just with your family. This could be a day date or date night with your significant other or a special outing with your siblings, parent(s), children, etc. This ensures you are spending quality time with no work distractions.

Lastly, it is important to ensure you are setting time aside for yourself. This could be an hour at the gym, taking a pet on a walk, getting your hair cut, etc.

Being a full-time working parent/family member has its challenges but it is very rewarding!

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Sajid Faiz’s Answer

Great Questions and it takes a conscious effort to make sure there is work life balance maintained. In reality, Work and Life go hand in hand and Work is indeed an integral part of our lives. Certain expectations need to be set at both levels.

As much as we are focused at work during work timings, the same amount of focus needs to be given towards life as well. Few if us tend to ignore Life over work may be bcz, there is a monitory incentive to work.

Few key takeaways :

Set right expectations with your Managers/Leaders and the same with Family.
Make sure you balance both Work and Life giving importance to all the stakeholders,
Try avoiding work during your family time (Exceptions can arise, however, frequently is not an exception)
Take necessary breaks giving time to your family. Internal happiness sometimes is key to winning at work. The list goes on..
In summary, we need to justify both Work and Family in order to be successful. Thanks.