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Why do colleges assume parents are going to be able to pay for college and suggest they get federal loans?

I have applied at two colleges and been accepted. The first college I did not qualify for any out of state scholarships and they suggested I get a Stafford Loan and my parents get a loan for $33,000 as a Federal loan. My parents are not able to do this and they will not be able to assist me with college finances, with the exception of a minimal amount. Why do colleges assume parents are paying and not give other options for covering expenses? #financial-aid #tuition

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Wael’s Answer

Christian, you should have done your research and applied to the colleges/universities that you could afford. Having said that, college tuition is increasingly being a burden on young people like you. A lot of tax money has been taken away from education which I don't agree with to say the least.

Regarding your issue, you have to apply to scholarships and student loans. I am sorry, but this is the norm now!