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How can I earn more financial aid from schools than what they give me?

Soon I will be applying to college and as most of you already know, it costs a lot of money. My household income isn't enough to cover all 4+ years of college and I want to go to a college that has a high tuition. #tuition #school #financialaid

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2 answers

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Gabby’s Answer

Hi Nikol! Another good place to look for scholarships is from your high school career center, online, or community based scholarships. In the city where I went to high school, the community offered many scholarship opportunities (hospitals, local businesses, organizations, etc) that you could seek out and apply to with an essay. Additionally, your high school may have other scholarship opportunities so look to speak to an advisor in the counseling office for additional opportunities to apply to. Finally, do some online research as I know many large companies (e.g. Coca Cola) offer many scholarships if you apply and share your story. Keep researching as there are many scholarship/loan opportunities outside of traditional financial aid.

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Teresa’s Answer

Good afternoon, Nikol. There are ways to be awarded more financial aid but it is dependent upon what selections you make on your FAFSA. If you are looking to receive only aid that does not have to be repaid, you should select the work study option. With this option, please know that you may have to supplement you unmet need with scholarships or by paying out of pocket. I would recommend that you find out about state funds that may be available for students as well.