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What is the difference between a radiologist and a radiology tech?

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3 answers

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Sindhu’s Answer

Hi Zemira, A radiologist and radiology tech are quite different careers and require different education. A radiologist is the doctor who interprets your medical images (CT, MRI, X-ray), diagnoses patients and recommends treatment (e.g., consultation with a surgeon for surgery). The radiologist requires a medical degree and specializes in radiology. A radiology tech is the person who usually takes the medial image (X-ray tech, CT tech, etc.). He/she is part of the radiology team. Radiology techs require an associates degree that is typically two years. Techs who want to specialize is a specific modality (e.g., MRI) will need experience and additional education as well.

Hope that helps!

A great answer! I could not have answered this question any better myself! :) Erik Melekh

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Richard’s Answer

The technologists usually acquire the images of the patient and send the images over the internet to the radiologist for image interpretation.

In my specialty, interventional radiology, the technologist and I work together to perform the procedure. The tech positions the patient and prepares the equipment then I perform the procedure.
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Estelle’s Answer

Radiology technicians perform the studies that the radiologists interpret. For example, a technician will take an xray or perform an ultrasound study, and the radiologist will read it. I agree with Sindhu....they are an important part of the radiology team.
Radiologist are doctors that have gone to medical school and residency and interpret studies and perform interventional procedures using imaging guidance.