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what do you need to be a physical therapy ?

My name raikeema and i lke helping and babysitting kids . Also, i lke helping disabled kids . When i use to go to daycare i helped a handicap 3 year old walk , take his medicine and i potty trained him and i really heled him so he doing good now . #experience

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Summer’s Answer

To become a physical therapist, you need to first attend an undergraduate college for 4 years and then earn a doctor of physical therapy from an accredited physical therapist program. Generally, DPT programs are 3 years long.

In terms of your other interests, you could look into the field of special education. There are many careers in this field, such as special education teacher, speech pathologist, special education program coordinator, and more.

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Maria’s Answer

Many physical therapists studied personal training too to learn the muscles and correct exercise techniques. The National Academy of Sports Medicine has certification programs to be a personal trainer.
It is also good to know what age group you would like to work with - it sounds like you prefer children.
understanding early childhood development and child psychology would be good to include in your college course work.