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Tirth Jan 17, 2019 433 views

If I graduated with bachelors in aircraft maintenance , am I and engineer or just a technician and what position I will get after I graduate ?

#aerospacegraduates #aerospace #aircraftmaintenace

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raikeema Sep 04, 2020 295 views

what do you need to be a physical therapy ?

My name raikeema and i lke helping and babysitting kids . Also, i lke helping disabled kids . When i use to go to daycare i helped a handicap 3 year old walk , take his medicine and i potty trained him and i really heled him so he doing good now . #experience

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R'el Sep 04, 2020 471 views

How do I become a college basketball coach?

They make good money ova 40k
They keep they body in shape
They get most kids famous
#nba #basketball