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What should your grades look like in high school

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2 answers

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Brendon’s Answer

They should look as good as possible. It's worth putting in the effort to get good grades for many reasons. Here are a few that immediately come to mind:

1) Intelligence. You will be smarter for the rest of your life if you learn how to learn in high school and you actually do it. Your brain is still young and developing and it's important to start getting these pathways constructed so that your brain can function more effectively.

2) Financial aid. Lots of college/universities/programs will offer you financial aid if you have good grades. I WISH that I had made better grades when I was in high school to take advantage of this.

3) Colleges. Is there a college you want to go to? What is their average GPA/test requirement? It will be incredibly difficult to get into this college if you are not academically competitive.

These are just a few of the reasons it's important to get good grades in high school.

Good luck!

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Ja'qwon! I agree with the previous answer. Having good grades can open many doors with scholarships, financial opportunities and college as well! I think maintaining As and Bs are the best; sometimes you will have difficulty with courses but just keep studying hard and be disciplined. Many times it can be difficult to maintain the best grades possible but with structure and discipline it is doable! A GPA average above 3.5 is pretty good, at least for college, I don't remember too well for high school (it was a while ago) but mostly you want to aim for As and Bs. Reach out to your teachers if you are struggling and form study groups with close friends to help motivate each other to do well!

Best of luck!

Thank you. Ja'qwon C.