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When should I start visiting colleges?

Should I visit before I apply, like in the summer after my junior year? Or after I apply and get accepted?
Because why would I visit a place that might not accept me? #campus-visit #college-admissions #college-selection

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I visited those that I was interested in, whether or not I had applied. Sometimes, you may think you're very interested in a college and then you arrive and realize it's not for you. It helped me narrow down my list of schools that I applied to!
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Hi! I think visiting the colleges you can is important. Just remember it may not be the school you expect or a school you go to may jump to your #1 choice. Never under estimate yourself and use your resources, school counselors will often know how apply for waived application fees and even find smaller scholarships to apply for. Look for area groups like the Daughters of the American Revolution; in my area, we get very few applicants.
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