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Where are some great places to intern/work to learn more about fashion designing?

I am still in high school and am interested in interning in the fashion industry. What do fashion retailers look for in interns/young employees? #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion

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2 answers

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Ariel’s Answer

I think it a lot of it comes down to what part of the fashion industry you want to work in! Most people don't realize how many different career fields are in the apparel industry and there is truly something for every natural strength.

Areas to consider would be design (which focuses on the aesthetic of product/trend), technical design (focus is fit/quality/construction/developing the product), textile design (designs the prints or graphics), buyer (decides which product goes into stores), sourcing (decides where the product should be manufactured, works on relationship building & negotiations with factories), fabric engineer (develops fabric based on needs of designer or trend), and then of course there are stylists who work in the stores and store managers.

Each field has it's own needs but I would say the biggest asset you could bring to each of these areas (with out focusing too much on a specific field) would be: collaboration, future thinking/vision, innovation, communication, attention to detail and most of all a learner mindset.

Ariel recommends the following next steps:

Think about what your natural strengths are and what part of the fashion industry that would apply to
Look into colleges that specialize in that part of the industry (for example FIT is more technical focused, where Parson's is more design focused)
Network. Network. Network. Try to find anyone you can in that part of the industry as a mentor

Thank you so much! I will research each area more in-depth to see where I would fit. MJ M.

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Alyssa’s Answer

Great question! Ariel provided some great points to think about. Research the different parts of the fashion world to see where you'd like to explore a career. There are so many options from ecommerce, buying, merchandising, designing, retail, print media etc. I also liked Ariel's recommendation to think about your strengths. If you are great at building relationships and have an interest in digital, ecommerce may be the place for you. I graduated from FSU with a degree in Merchandising and it helped me figure out what part of the industry I'd enjoy most.

Also, don't be afraid to apply for internships. It's a great way to network and test out the industry before diving into your career. Best of luck!

Thank you so much! This was super helpful! :) MJ M.

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