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I'm taking AP Government, AP English, and AP Computer Science my junior year online. What are some online resources that can help me with my studies?

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3 answers

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Ginger’s Answer

For computer science, there are many resources such as StackOverflow, w3schools, GitHub and code.org. Let Google be your friend and use it for very specific questions you may have, especially as it relates to CS.

For AP Gov and AP English, the same can be said for Google whenever you run into a brick wall. Think about more detailed searches whenever you have a question, and make sure to use quotation marks to ensure Google knows you NEED that specific term in your search. In addition, if looking for specific articles, sometimes adding a ".pdf" to your search will help if finding those resources much faster.

Good luck in the school year and enjoy your classes!

thank you for the advice! Mariah M.

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Rob’s Answer

Here are some I found from a google search:





thank you for the advice! Mariah M.

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Rachel’s Answer

Khan Academy has a few specific "courses" on AP US Government and AP Computer Science - I'd recommend checking that out. They have offerings for a few more AP classes as well, so for anyone else glancing at this, hopefully it'll help too!

CrashCourse on Youtube might be good for quick review as well.

Good luck this year!


thank you for the advice? Mariah M.