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Belleville, Michigan
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Mariah Sep 09, 2020 363 views

I'm taking AP Government, AP English, and AP Computer Science my junior year online. What are some online resources that can help me with my studies?

#ap #general #help

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Mariah Aug 03, 2020 442 views

What jobs do they offer at the New York Times? What is it like working there?

#editor #curious # writing #magazine

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Mariah Aug 03, 2020 358 views

What are some writing competitions that I can join as a beginner ?

#building # flash -fictions # writing

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Mariah Jul 29, 2020 421 views

what are some volunteering opportunities that I can do in my town?

# volunteering # non #non-profit

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Mariah Jul 29, 2020 543 views

What are some online business programs recommended for high schoolers?

#marketing #high-school #business

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Mariah Jul 27, 2020 358 views

What are some great book clubs online that teenagers can join? Are there any programs that I can join that involve reading to children virtually?

# book reader #books #authors #professional

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Mariah Jul 26, 2020 659 views

What extra-curricular activities can I do (during the pandemic) to standout on my college application?

I'm a junior in high school who is starting her college journey. I'm interested in studying English, Philosophy, Business, and Computer Science. I've been trying to study how to trade stocks. #high-school #day-trading #collegejourney #finance #college-applications #extra-curriculars