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Do high end colleges and universities look better on your credentials when you are applying for a job?

Depending on m,y career route I would like to get a job based on my major so this question will help me when choosing a college. #job #people

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2 answers

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Serene’s Answer

As a professional and a parent I have some thoughts on this. Typically unless you are accepted to attend an Ivy League College, there is no significant differentiation between colleges.
As a employer I am looking to see that you had what it takes to attend and successfully graduate college, whether it was online, in person, or a smaller university.
As a parent, I am now much more impressed with candidates who choose financially to take advantage of less expensive higher level learning and set themselves up for future successes by saving now. This shows the ability to look ahead at the future and actively plan for your stability.

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Wael’s Answer

Fresh out of college/university yes, but not after several years of work. What is more important is internships. Try to take as many internships as you can before you leave college/university.