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How is a child treated and coped during their appointment?

'Im a 9th grader who wishes to become a pediatrician once i'm older. I hope that my dream comes true because i really like helping people especially children. I want to know how thy are supposed to be treated so i can prepare my self starting now. #doctor #pediatrician

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Hi Dayanna, Pediatricians can work in a number of environments, such as hospitals, private practice offices, health maintenance organizations, community health centers, public health clinics, schools, or the military and government. They are less likely to enter solo practice and more likely to work as salaried employees of group medical practices. In a typical setting, pediatricians enjoy a pleasant working environment as they are generally assigned to offices and examination rooms most amenable to children. Offices and rooms are equipped with children's books, toys and activities to occupy children during waiting periods and distract them when undergoing painful procedures. Working with children has its drawbacks, however. They can be unruly patients, often restless and sometimes hysterical and frightened by doctors and medical procedures. The utmost patience must be exercised when dealing with children, which is where pediatrics training is invaluable. What are some common pediatric health care issues? Among the most common issues facing pediatricians today are: Fetal origins of adult disease Smoking among youth Neonatal Encephalopathy – a syndrome in newborns which disturbs neurological function, causing respiratory problems, depressed reflexes, sub-normal consciousness, and potential seizures Early-life origins of cardiovascular disease Type 1 diabetes Brain tumors in children Autism spectrum disorders Environmental Chemical Exposure Common childhood bacterial infections Nutrition and celiac disease Read more in: Watch a video about the daily routine of a Pediatrician in: Good luck!
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