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What college would be best to become a private investigator

I want to be a private investigator or a homicide detective. #colleges

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3 answers

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naveen’s Answer

Criminal investigators have at least a bachelor's degree in one of the following specialties: computer science, chemistry, biology, sociology, psychology, forensics, crime scene investigation, criminal justice or police science.Hillsborough Community College offers a 40 hour Private Investigator Intern Course in which students learn the skills they will need to pursue a career in private investigation.

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Michael’s Answer

Best plan? Enlist in the US Army or Marine Corps as a Military Police trainee, and serve 2-4 years as an MP.

While on active duty, work on completing your AA and possibly BA in any major BUT “Criminal Justice.” Most CJ programs repeat what you’re going to learn in any Police Academy, to include the MP School at Ft Leonard Wood.

The military is the ONLY place you can begin a career in law enforcement/investigations at age 18.

When you complete your term of service, you’ll be over 21 and eligible to apply for any police department or Sheriffs Office, where your military time will usually count for seniority and towards your pension (retirement.)

The best degrees for becoming a detective? Forensics, Accounting, Computer programming, Computer Forensics, Psychology, or English.

It would be helpful if you also take a few years to become proficient in Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese or another foreign language common in the state or region you want to live/work in.

Another option- after the military, join the Border Patrol or Customs & Border Protection- many federal law enforcement agencies prefer applicants with that experience PLUS a degree (other than CJ).

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Samuel’s Answer

Hi Taylor! This isn't my expertise, but I found some helpful information to share with you. There seems to be a lot of "best" options depending on multiple factors, so choose one that you feel comfortable with. I'd suggest visiting colleges to get a feel for the environment. With that said, it looks like becoming a private investigator can have a slightly different educational route than becoming a homicide detective, so I'd also suggest trying to speak with someone from each profession and learn what they spend most of their time doing to see what interests you more.

For a criminology degree, it looks like you have some great options in Florida: USF, Uni of Florida, Uni of Tampa, and even Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL (https://www.collegeraptor.com/Majors/Details/45.0401/Level/Bachelors-degree/State/All/Criminology). To be a Private Investigator, follow this link (https://privateinvestigatoredu.org/florida/) to see the step-by-step process that help lay out basic qualifications all the way to formal training required. It looks like Florida State College at Jacksonville offers some relevant programs. I hope this helps. Good luck and ask questions any chance you get!