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How to get into an IV league school for your Masters?

I plan on pursuing my masters in the future because I want to expand my knowledge and further my education. However, how should I prepare and get started now before I start applying for one? I'm currently a Marketing undergraduate student, and I'm not planning on pursuing my Masters anytime soon, but I do want to start preparing. How do I distinguish myself from all the thousands of applicants? What are some qualities and experiences the schools look for or will be looking for? If you applied for your Masters or are currently pursuing it, what was your experience like? #masters #learning

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Sarah’s Answer

Congratulations on having a solid goal for yourself and understanding that a plan is required! The requirements the school looks for will be directly related to your area of study. While grades will be important, so will extracurricular activities, volunteer efforts and your overall drive and ability to convey that. Since you are still completing your undergrad, and most likely haven't yet begun your job search--I'd recommend folding this goal into your job search. When looking for an employer, perhaps consider ones that offer "tuition reimbursement" for their employees as grad school can also be costly. This way you can also leverage your manager/leader for advice and guidance around which program(s) to pursue.
Best of luck to you!