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What classes should I take for my first year of college if I still don't know what I am majoring in?

I'm about to register for classes. #major #classes #undecided

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2 answers

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Christa’s Answer

Emma, you will likely have certain classes that are required of all graduates regardless of manor if you attend a liberal arts school. I would recommend taking those classes first to help you get credits toward graduation while also giving you time to determine where you want to focus your studies further. Good luck!

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Nick’s Answer

Get the basics and pre req's out of the way first...there are classes your school may require you to take regardless of your major. When I was taking bio classes for my major, I also took 1 other class a semester not related to anything to do with Bio just to see what else was out there and how I handled the material. I tried something form a handful of different fields until I landed on something I really liked. Still finished with a bio degree but wound up taking enough writing and lit classes for a minor. Those other classes I took helped me in my working career more than the bio classes did. Use the time to find out what you are into, passionate about, and can succeed in.