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What kind of jobs are there for college students that are majoring in criminology and criminal justice?

I’m still in college and will be receiving my bachelors in criminology and criminal justice in 2022 but I’m looking for an entry level job to start getting some experience. Are there any for college students? #jobs #criminology #criminaljustice #collegestudent

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2 answers

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Dr. Aisha Wright’s Answer


Some entry level jobs for graduates with a criminal justice degree are:

Police Officers
Correctional Officers
Courtroom assistant,
Court clerk,
Criminal law supervisor,
Court manager,
Case administrator,
Court operations specialist,
Pretrial services officer and
Family law mediator


Longer term careers:

Homeland Security
Homicide Detective
Forensic Accountant
Forensic Psychologist
Criminal Investigator
DEA Agent
Secret Service Agent
FBI Agent (Entry Level:)
Forensic Science Technician


Good luck in your research and job choice. Remember to reflect on what you enjoy doing and remember in a lot of cases there may Be tasks or job duties that are apart of any job that you’ll dislike doing (think about the 80% of the job you enjoy).
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Nick’s Answer

Hello Lucy! You’re entering a diverse profession, where your degree fields will take you to many different places. They key is narrowing down what you desire to accomplish and what kind of work you want to be involved in.

Criminologists, by title, study “why” crime occurs. So, naturally, Crime Analyst positions seek criminology professionals as much as they seek CJ students as well.

Law enforcement operations support positions are vital as well, if you do not want to be a patrol officer, field agent, probation officer, or criminal investigator. Dispatch managers, Records administration, Jail supervisors, and Property & Evidence technicians are a few that come to mind. So, look into these positions and find key tasks that intrigue you. Then, narrow your selection from there.

Nick recommends the following next steps:

Research desired career path
Narrow employment opportunities
Seek out an internship
Take a part time job with a law enforcement agency in a support role