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Does a dental hygienist have to do the surgery aspect?

I know there are surgery aspects you have to do as a dentist, does the dentist do those or does the dental hygienist also do that. Or is the dental hygienist there to assist the dentist in those situations. #dental-hygienist

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2 answers

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Valerie’s Answer

Dental hygienists can assist with surgeries (fixing cavities and in office procedures). They do not do them by themselves, but they might hand the dentist the tools they need or flush out the mouth or suction when asked to.
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Allyn’s Answer

No usually the hygienist is there for hygiene appointments only. There are options for hygienists to get additional training to help in surgical scaling with a periodontist, but it is not required. And the dentist you work for May like if you are cross trained but it is not expected.