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Whats you’re favorite thing about this job?

I would want to know this because maybe in the future this could be my job and we could possible like the same things #nurse #nursepractitioner

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2 answers

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Marie’s Answer

I love being a nurse, have been one for 40 years!! What I enjoy the most is the difference that you can make in someone’s life. Patients are often scared because they are sick and may not understand. As a nurse, you can make that difference.
There are many other reasons I love being a nurse. The flexibility to try different areas of nursing being one.
Many prefer working night shift as it fits with their family’s schedule. You can be bedside, teach, leader etc...
hope this helps :)

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Sarah’s Answer

My favorite thing about being a nurse is the flexibility of the profession. Throughout my 20 years as a nurse I have been a frontline nurse taking care of patients, a nurse educator training staff, a nurse leader managing an inpatient unit, and a quality administrator for a medical center. There are so many different jobs that a nurse can do. You will always be able to find a specific role that you will love.