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I want to pursue a sports related athletic training degree but I have been asked to run on the college track team. Is it wise to try to do both?

I am concerned about balancing the demands of the hands on part of my athletic training degree with the time required to train for a track and field position. I have been told it's probably best to focus on just the athletic training but I wondered if someone who had done both or seen someone do both, could give me some wise counsel. #athletic-training #sports-medicine

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1 answer

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Carrie’s Answer

Congrats Jordan G. on being admitted to college and recruited to run on the track team !

All athletic training education programs are required to have some basic standard coursework and experiences. Therefore, all athletic training education programs will equally provide you with the basic knowledge to prepare for the certification examination. Now the challenge for you is to find an athletic training education program that will provide you with those extra things that are important to you such as:

  • Preferred small or large size program (admitted athletic training class size)

  • Ability to participate in college athletics

  • Unique educational experiences

Each school and athletic training education program is unique and I strongly encourage you to ask all college representatives (admissions counselors, athletic training faculty, current athletic training students, student-athletes, coaches) questions that will help you make the most appropriate decision to meet your needs.

  • Can I participate in be a student-athlete and study athletic training ?

  • What type of clinical experiences do they offer ?

  • What is the average class size in athletic training education ?

  • How do you support student-athletes in the athletic training program ?

Good luck making a decision and don't forget to train this summer.