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What is the yearly salary for therapists in Texas?

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3 answers

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Brian’s Answer

Hi Christian - I personally do not have experience working as a therapist, but here are two resources where you can find more info and references:
- Glassdoor (,5_IS1347_KO6,15.htm) - Provides averages and general ranges of salaries you might expect in a given profession. You can drill down to specific companies and roles and see what numbers people have shared. Applies to both government and private companies.
- Texas Tribune ( - Provides actual salaries of Texas government employees. In this case, Registered Therapists employed by the Texas government work for the Health and Human Services Commission.
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Alice’s Answer

I'm not a therapist either but LinkedIn would also be another helpful resource. Keep in mind that salary may vary depending on the specific metro area, whether you work for someone else or own your own practice, and whether your job is private section, government or non-profit.
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Kelly’s Answer

A great way to research salaries for specific jobs in various industries/locations is to check out