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What do u do specifically when ur helping

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2 answers

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Lakshmi’s Answer


It is a nice question actually. When we are helping someone first thing we need to address is the person really need help or not?
If someone is stuck with something where we could help then we can help, and one should not expect anything reverse while helping.

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Ali’s Answer

It depends on the type of help needed. Different scenarios require different action. In a general way, you should start by:
1. Assessing the situation: Be able to describe the difficulty faced by the person and put yourself in the shoes of that person (Empathy).
2. Assessing the task: What are the benefits gained by helping?
3. Action: Set of actions that you would perform to achieve the ultimate goal of helping the person in-need.
4. Result: Once help has been provided, assess the result. (Should be positive)

A simple example would be: A person at your workplace requires help in a task.
1. Person requires help due to some technical constraint on a task
2. You would benefit by creating a bond with that person /maybe future help from the person whenever you require / benefit the company as a whole as the work is completed
3. You help in filling out the technical gap the person has by proposing/providing your help
4. Completion of work, satisfied co-worker