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Psychologists working environment

As a psychologist what is your work space like? Where do you evaluate patients? Do you have an office and is it in the same place you work with patients? #psychology

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2 answers

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Cynthia’s Answer

Your workspace environment definitely depends on the type of work you are doing in the psychology field. Working in a community health/non-profit environment might mean that you are working with multiple therapists and staff. Therefore, the sharing of offices isn't unusual. That could mean that the office space can't be personalized to your taste. However, if you are working in private practice you will most likely have the opportunity to create the type of environment that suits your aesthetics. In terms of evaluating new clients, in a community health setting, several individuals, including the doctor on staff, the intake coordinator, and a therapist might all have important information to collectively assess a client. So the assessment can be done in multiple settings, even over the phone. In my experience, I have had various types of office space, from small and simple to a larger space that I have decorated and feel comfortable while seeing clients.

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hey Heather ! It depends on what branch of psychology you are looking at. For example, there is School Counseling & College Counseling/Student Services, School Counseling, Marriage family therapy, or even Clinical psychology. For college counseling, it focuses more on a one on one setting in which you advise students and help keep them on track with graduating college. School counseling works in primary schools and/or secondary schools which is also a one on one setting with students and sometimes parents. Marriage family therapists work in a variety of settings, such as mental health centers, substance abuse treatment centers, and hospitals. Clinical Psychologists may work in hospitals, clinics or mental health facilities. They diagnose and treat patients with emotional, mental and behavioral disorders.