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what are some alternatives of being a nurse or a surgeon?

if i change mindset what would be some alternatives i can go to in the medical field.
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2 answers

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Erika’s Answer

Hi Aerion! There are countless alternatives to being a nurse or a surgeon in the medical field. If you would like to become a doctor, for example, there are many different fields you could go into: general medicine, radiology, anesthetics, physical therapy, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, pharmacy, etc. Every surgeon is a doctor, but not every doctor is a surgeon. Within nursing, too, there are so many different careers. If actually practicing medicine doesn't suit you, there are a lot of supporting roles at hospitals and doctor's offices, too- records management, health services managers, patient advocates, accounting and finance, etc. Best wishes!

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Jami’s Answer

I am a nurse and have worked in many different areas of nursing. I currently love my job but am advancing my degree to become a nurse educator. It's not that I am tired of my current job but that I am fulfilling another passion. That is the great thing about nursing, there are many avenues to take and many different career opportunities. If caring for patients at the bedside is not something you are interested in, there is research, education, management, etc. Many different areas of the nursing world.