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can 10 year olds get a little job

I love to cook and play soccer I love all animals and i want a little job for some money #job-search

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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer

I admire your ambition!

I remember reading an article about a young person who started a very successful business putting people's trash cans out to the curb on trash day. He charged a quarter a pail!

Being in NJ, and into sports, are you up to shoveling walks in the winter? You'd probably have to get up mighty early!

I would encourage you to think about things people don't want to do for themselves, or, can't do for themselves. As one who is getting older, I'm finding it more difficult to climb step-stools. They always say we are supposed to change the batteries in our smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors whenever we change from/to daylight savings time, which, is really right around the corner. This would mean going inside people's houses, so of course you only want to go to people you know, or, bring an older sibling/parent with you.

I want you to make money, but, I also want to caution you not to charge too much. Many people have been hurt financially by the pandemic, and many older people continually struggle to get by. It's important to start young learning to keep your word, such as by being there at the time you said you would be there, or calling if you can't make it. It's also important to learn to always do a good job, always do your best, no matter how small the job or how little you might be paid. And, if you are walking dogs, picking up poop goes along with that. If you learn these things now, your reputation will grow. Your customers will refer you to other customers. It's how a business grows. Might take some time, but, it will happen!

Does your neighborhood have a Facebook group or a Nextdoor group? If so, you could ask your parents to advertise your availability on those sites.

I know you didn't ask about saving money, but, I hope you have something you are saving for, a goal. It's real easy once you start getting money to see so many things that you really want to buy. Stay focused!

Hope this has been of some help Sarah! Good luck to you in all you do!

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Michelle’s Answer

There are many ways to make a little money over the summer. You mentioned you like baking, have a bake sale and make a profit doing something you are passionate about. Advertise for dog sitting, dog walking or bathing for people in your neighborhood. Maybe offer your advice for younger students who are also passionate about soccer, but may need to improve their game. You could consider having a paper route, assuming people take the paper in your area.

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Angela’s Answer

That's a great question !

You can get a job related to your interests or one off chores. I echo Kim's answers -- identifying an unfilled need and advertising your services.

The key is to be dependable and be true to your commitments. If you promise to walk someone's dog at a certain time, you need to honor that commitment at the designated time. If you bring in someone's trash cans from the curb, be sure to do so at the agreed upon time and place the trash cans where you were asked.

This will result in repeat business and referrals for a job well done.