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At what age do a Dentist retire at?

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2 answers

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Audriana,

To answer this question directly, the average age from my research is 69 years old. However, in my personal experience I've seen some practice into their 70s. I will say that retirement isn't always about how much money one makes, because dentists make a lot of money compared to the average American salary. However, with how much time and effort dentists spend to become licensed they don't always want to retire. They enjoy what they do, and I think this applies to several fields of work.

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Sajan’s Answer

Audriana, retirement age is up to each individual person. I have seen some dentist retire at 65, some at 70, and even some at 80. Some of them will semi-retire by which I mean they will work part time. There are some who will retire from being an active dentist but then they will go and teach students at a Dental School or contribute to dentistry somehow.

Hope this helps.