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I don't know what college I should go to yet

I want a college that's not far away from home. I also want to try to get into a university if I can. I also want to try to not pay so much for schooling if I can. #college #university

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2 answers

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Justin’s Answer

Hi Yasemin,

You are not in an uncommon situation, as thinking about what career to study and college to attend can be a daunting task and decision. What I would recommend is looking at state colleges and universities, as they offer lower tuition rates than private schools. Also, you may want to consider spending the first two-years at a Community College, since regardless of where you go to school, the first year or two is usually spent covering general education requirements and classes. A junior college allows you to knock these courses out for a much lower cost and you can then transfer these credits to a four year school. Since community colleges are prevalent throughout the country, you will be able to find a quality school that is within commuting distance from your home. This also helps cut down on costs, since you will not have to pay for dorms or on-campus food.

The other benefit of a community college, is that through your general education requirements and coursework, you may end up finding a potential career to further explore and can then look at four-year schools that offer programs in that field. Good luck in your journey, and I hope that this information at least helps in any way possible!!!

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Mayra! Deciding what type of college to go to can definitely be stressful but it seems like you do have options narrowed. Definitely search in-state, with in-state colleges your tuition cost is low plus you can also commute if it is closer and that will save on costs of dorming. CollegeBoard is a trusted website to help with college searches so I would definitely recommend to check it out if you haven't already done so, in addition usually colleges come to your local high school as well and do a meet and greet. This can give you more opportunity to research about the different colleges out there. For not paying as much, in addition to being in-state and commuting, you won't really be too certain of the amount of aid you will get until you fill out a FAFSA. However, you can begin to search for scholarships through websites and your high school as well, this can help in giving you a head start on saving up funds to contribute towards college. Lastly, I know the situation with COVID may make college tours a bit more difficult but I would recommend if available to start looking at some colleges if you can (this is usually done around junior/senior year of high school), even if it is virtual, the tours can give you a sense of how you like the campus and how you would feel if you are a student there. All in all it takes time, as a personal note I also wanted to stay close to home and my brother was in university when I was in high school, this gave me the opportunity to know more about college and even end up picking the college he went to. So if you have family members or friends in college possibly they could give you some insight too!

I wish you the best future undergrad!

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