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What do typical work days look like for a conservation officer.

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1 answer

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Sydney’s Answer


After doing some research, I found the following list of job responsibilities for conservation officers (more commonly known as fish and game wardens) on
- Assist with research projects or studies to conserve management practices
- Follow technical standards and specifications used to manage, protect and improve the natural resources of conservation
- Participate in management of forage resources through fire, herbicide use or revegetation
- Construct and maintain water shed and soil-erosion structures
- Patrol backcountry areas and other secure sites
- Provide emergency services
- Manage wildlife/human interactions on the roadways or in campgrounds
- Encourage visitors at parks and other sites to develop a sense of stewardship for park resources
- Utilize equipment for monitoring conservation structures and navigation
- Provide public education for visitors to conversation site
- Participate in possible human or animal search and rescue activities
- Offer advice regarding water management, forage production methods and control of brush

If you need more information about becoming a conservation officer, take a look at This site seems to be dedicated to this career path.

I would suggest you do some more research on conservation officers to determine if this is a good fit for you. I definitely recommend talking to your high school guidance counselor to get information about schools and possibly how to connect with a conservation officer in your local area. That would be a perfect time to ask all the questions you have about that career.

Good luck!!

Sydney recommends the following next steps:

Make an appointment to discuss this career with your high school guidance counselor