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What do you least like about your job as a Registered Nurse?

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Tequila’s Answer

That's a good question; and a question that should be asked about any professional pursuit. My least favorite part of nursing is the negative responses from patients who deliberately hurt themselves and believe it is not their responsibility to participate in their health care. I realize there are underlining reasons; and knowing this is what keeps me engaged and wanting to assist. That's where your training and self-discipline become your best assets. Recognizing that there are some people who will take longer than others to learn, accept, and participate in their health care. That's where nurses help the most, getting people to change their attitudes about who ultimately is responsible for one's health care. Then the medical community is there to help them meet their goals, step by step, until the patient can become their best advocate.
It can become very frustrating as a nurse. Coming into this profession comes with dealing with the good and the bad. So the small victories seem so important. Like a person who goes from not eating to merely just drinking liquids. It's the small accomplishments that make the profession worth while.

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Karen’s Answer

My niece has worked as a critical care nurse in a hospital for the last 5 years. Her best days are when she saves someone's life - she works the night shift and says it seems to be the time when many patients experience the worst symptoms or complications. Her frustrations come from patients who show disrespect, mostly verbally. She also has a similar frustration as Tequlia with patients who return to the hospital due to lack of following discharge instructions, changing habits or making healthier choices. Although she recognizes that there can be many challenges they face in their lives that can hinder their progress. Nursing is a calling - we need loving caregivers! Good luck to you!