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I writes quotes and film stories. So I want to know if I can get sponsored.

Am 17 years of age will turn 18 soon. Little slim and somehow fair in complexion. I have completed Senior high school. I write film stories and quotes . #film #film-acting #film writer # quotes writer

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Donn’s Answer

Keep writing! Don't stop! Learn about the craft of screen writing; read books, watch videos of writers talking about writing, watch webinars. Keep writing, every day if you are inspired to. Find friends who may want to act in and shoot your stories so you start creating your own content. Start a story blog where you post your writing and build a readership. Major in writing in an accredited college program. One day, you may be able to use your best writing samples to obtain literary representation. You may land a tv gig in a writer's room if you're writing tv material. Or you may get a film script optioned by a production company after you've successfully pitched it during a meeting.

Case in point: I was on the soap opera Passions. Two years ago, I met the writer Angie Thomas who wrote the film The Hate U Give. I found out Ms. Thomas was a huge Passions fan growing up and she used to write fan flash fiction inspired by the show. She wrote to a writer on the show you encouraged her to become a writer. She and that writer ended up co-producing a Passions documentary. Her career started when she was writing flash fiction in high school and now look at her! So go for it!

Keep writing. Don't stop.

Wishing you the best on your journey!