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Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 124 views

Is film production worth it?

I am interested in film but have been discouraged hearing that the success rate is low and the overall process takes a lot of time and waiting. Is it still worth it to go into that field? #film #college...


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Brigitte F. Oct 06, 2019 206 views

Is it difficult being a professional actor/actress in this day-and-age?

I am a high school senior and am hoping to become a professional (paid) actress after I graduate college. I am planning on attending the University of North Dakota and majoring in Theatre Arts. But, will all that prepare me for 'the outside world'? How can it be done? #performing-arts #theatre...

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Libby S. Nov 20, 2019 150 views

What are some important steps to take in order to have a career in writing?

I'm thinking of going into a writing career....


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Dustin M. Dec 09, 2019 194 views

What are some ways I can get into acting on the cheep?

I'm a retired army veteran (since 2012 ) I'm 33 years old and I want to pursue acting as a career, I have no experience but I'll need to start somewhere. Balancing that with a family and Living in Austin, Texas it seems that the odds are stacked against me. After the Army I went to...

#military #film-acting #theater #acting

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Mitchell F. Dec 12, 2019 161 views
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daphnned T. Mar 13, 2020 150 views
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Doris G. Oct 31, 2020 61 views

I writes quotes and film stories. So I want to know if I can get sponsored.

Am 17 years of age will turn 18 soon. Little slim and somehow fair in complexion. I have completed Senior high school. I write film stories and quotes . #film #film-acting #film writer # quotes...

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Nathaniel D. Nov 05, 2020 53 views

What careers are available in voice acting or Animation?

I am a student who has watched animation and shows almost all my life and have been fascinated by people who voice act. I want to try it and see if I'm any good. I also would like to know animation as well. #acting #professional #voiceacting...


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Lilah L. Nov 05, 2020 170 views

What does it take to be a film director?

I'm a Junior now in high school and I'm interested in becoming a Director (maybe). I'm really interested in how directors can take this idea of a show or movie and turn it into something that people love and enjoy. When I'm thinking about one I'll sometimes think of other ways the scene...

#filmmaking #acting #director

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Lilah L. Nov 05, 2020 98 views

I'm stuck between becoming an Author, Director or Actor

I'm a Junior in high school and right now I'm a bit stuck on which career I want to pursuit. I do love to write and come up with stories. Lately I've become more interested on how shows are made and what directors do to make a show happen. Then I'm interested in acting because I've been taking...

#actor #writing #director

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Colton P. Nov 09, 2020 66 views

Is it scary to work in front of a camera?

I always thought it would be interesting to be an actor. Being in front of a camera would make me nervous. Do you get scared when you are in front of the camera? #acting...


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Ahmad W. Nov 13, 2020 87 views

What College or University would most likely would help me succeed at becoming a actor.

I´m determined to succeed and follow my dreams. I would´t even doubt myself by giving myself a second choice. #acting #help #business #actor...