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Is it scary to work in front of a camera?

I always thought it would be interesting to be an actor. Being in front of a camera would make me nervous. Do you get scared when you are in front of the camera? Acting Stagefright

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5 answers

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Chris’s Answer

Being in front of the camera isn't really the hard part. Being comfortable in your own skin to do your job with others staring at you is the hard part. It is like anything though, time and practice will make you more comfortable. You should try doing theater. Live acting will get you in front of people and get you used to having an audience. Being on film is more of a personal journey. Think of it as you are living your life, and someone is just there to capture it. I have been a working film and TV actor for years, and it is fun to put yourself out there. You just can't take yourself too serious. Have fun. If you aren't having fun....stop doing it.

As always, classes are a great way to get started. We always say it is like an athlete going to the gym. Do it often, and continue to do it, even when you are a pro!

Chris recommends the following next steps:

Make a Tik Tok.
Start a youtube channel.
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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Colton,

I have worked in front of a camera for videos in my role in corporate training. I think that if you care about doing something well, you are always going to be a little nervous. It is not the camera itself that makes you nervous. It is the performance. And you play a part in controlling the performance. If you are talking about acting, you should make sure to prepare yourself to read the lines that you have been given. The more professional the work, the more preparation that you need to have. In my job as an actor in training videos, I sometimes have a bit more freedom, being able to say the script in my own words. In addition, feeling good about how you look and feel in front of the camera are important. At my job, we do our own preparation with looks. I use makeup just to make sure that I am not shiny. And before going in front of the camera, I try to listen to music or comedy to lift my spirits. It is hard to be nervous when you are happy.

I would recommend if you want to be a performer, you should practice by getting involved in public speaking. If you nervous in front of a camera, practice speaking in front of a camera. I actually learned how to be comfortable in front of people when I became a corporate trainer. I actually think that it is harder to talk in front of people over a camera. Just like any skill, practice and feedback will make you better. And remember, when something is important, you are always going to be a little nervous. You just need to learn to work with that nervousness.

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Donn’s Answer

Doing anything in front of others can be scary, like speaking in public, going onstage in a theater or a boardroom to give a presentation, etc. The trick of life is to transmute, or change that fear into excitement. Then it's no longer fearful or nervous energy but excited energy. You're just reframing it as opposed to "getting rid of it." Also, the more prepared you are (you've memorized your lines, worked on your objective, obstacles, tactics, you've mapped out the scene and have done all your actor homework) then the less nervous or fearful you will be.
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Christopher’s Answer

Hey Colton,

I wouldn't say being in front of a camera is scary as much as it is hard to be able to portray the tone you are going for. For me personally, it's hard act a serious role in front of a camera considering the lines I am reading don't sound at all like what I would personally say. You are putting yourself in the shoes of your character and the hardest part is playing someone nothing like yourself.

It gets easier as you have more time to practice with other people, hopefully if that person will be doing the same scene. Acting gets easier as you have more chemistry with your fellow actors and it's easier to bounce off the tone with them.
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Anthony T.’s Answer

Hello! That is an interesting question. In my experience, it mostly depends on the personal of the individual. It also depends on the experience of the person because the more you do public speaking or spending time in front of the camera, the more comfortable and better you become. A lot of actors spend time in front of the mirror practicing to where they become comfortable. Many people will start by presenting or recording for or in front of people they are already comfortable with to get better or to eliminate the fear. I say try it out and see your comfortable level. You may see that you feel at home and end up being the next big star. Best Wishes!

Thank you! Colton P.