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What are some ways I can get into acting on the cheep?

I'm a retired army veteran (since 2012 ) I'm 33 years old and I want to pursue acting as a career, I have no experience but I'll need to start somewhere. Balancing that with a family and Living in Austin, Texas it seems that the odds are stacked against me. After the Army I went to collage at Le cordon Bleu to become a Chief and after I graduated I realised that my heart was not in it. I have a job now to tie me over, but I want more for my life.
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3 answers

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Donn’s Answer

I concur with the above advice. You should join a class and see if you even like to act, see if it's something you'd be passionate about. If not, then you shouldn't do it. Life's too short to do something you're not into.

Thanks to the internet, there a countless programs and videos you could watch on the craft of Acting.

I made a video offering advice for beginners as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhTZmQZ9UCo&list=PLgEGwyVezRZffoBQrVLUqDy7DMvrsDemm

Once you see firsthand that acting is something you love doing and you really feel passionate about it, the ways in which to find acting work are plenty:

Community theater, which is non-professional but PASSIONATE people who love acting/singing and the stage.

Professional Theater, requiring you to become an Actors Equity Association Union member

Non-professional Indie film, internet content and web series- plenty of opportunities to Act. You can find jobs in Backstage.com, LA Casting/Casting Networks and Actors Access.

Voice Overs : 1. Commercials/Video Games - for Non-Union or Union look in voices.com and voices123.com 2. Audio Book Narration - acx.com

Improv Groups

Mainstream TV/Film; A lot of non-union work out there while the rest is union, including all big budget projects.

Hope that helps!

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Angelica’s Answer

All of the responses are spot on and you can also try Meetup.com. You can find some acting classes or improv. classes to help you out in your acting career as well as getting know in the acting community. This will help you on leads too. Your local Community theatre should have a show where they need background actors to help you get your feet wet. Try it out. Go start looking up good audition scripts to help you when you get ready to take a leap into acting. Don't forget about Voice Acting as well. The options are endless.

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Cheryl (Sheri)’s Answer

My first suggestion is to ask you a question, first? What kind of acting are you looking to get into, Stage or Film? Regardless, your first step should be to find someplace that offers classes in acting, like a college/university. Once there, you should be able to get the basics you'll need to go on to taking the next steps. This will, also, let you find-out if this profession will be a good "fit" for you, as well.

Cheryl (Sheri) recommends the following next steps:

Once you feel "ready", seek-out auditions at your local Community Theater.
Or, if stage acting is not what you want to do, you can find a local "Trade Paper", like "Variety", and seek-out acting "gigs" in your area.
Just remember, this is a VERY competitive business to get into, so, be patient, persevere, and don't get frustrated if you get turned-down for one gig...You just might be just what they need for the next one, or, the next one after that..

Thank you, I did ramble on without actually asking the question. Sorry about that! Seems like a good place to start, I will give it a go. Dustin M.

You're welcome and good luck on the journey, ahead... :D Cheryl (Sheri) DeNatale