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Dustin M. Dec 09, 2019 194 views

What are some ways I can get into acting on the cheep?

I'm a retired army veteran (since 2012 ) I'm 33 years old and I want to pursue acting as a career, I have no experience but I'll need to start somewhere. Balancing that with a family and Living in Austin, Texas it seems that the odds are stacked against me. After the Army I went to...

#military #film-acting #theater #acting

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Rathini P. Jan 27, 2020 164 views

Is the right for education the same as the freedom for education?

I'm a student with tens of thousands of dollars of debt however, I have a passion for volunteering. Unfortunately the ones I can don't allow me to grow and prosper and I'm tired of feeling stifled. #volunteer #career #career-choice #university #psychology# #education #open-mindedness#...

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Clifta T. Jan 29, 2020 331 views

What careers are best for traveling?

I have a passion for traveling and I would love a career that would let me travel and also make a fair amount of money. #career #travel...