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Clifta Dec 30, 2020 473 views

Best way to become a Forensic Psychologist?

I am wondering what undergraduate, masters, and doctorate degrees are best for becoming a Forensic Psychologist? I have heard for an undergraduate degree you can do Psychology with a minor in criminal justice or criminology but I am not sure.
#ForensicPsychology #Degrees

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Clifta Jan 31, 2020 922 views

Is Social media marketing a good idea for a job?

Can one honestly make a living and travel by doing social media marketing? Is being an influencer on instagram a legit way to travel? #marketing #media #social-media #business

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Clifta Jan 29, 2020 1011 views

What careers are best for traveling?

I have a passion for traveling and I would love a career that would let me travel and also make a fair amount of money. #career #travel #money