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What are the skills you use as a counselor the most often?

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Marlene’s Answer

Counselors have to be good listeners. Listening in a way to expresses to the speaker that you are paying attention and processing what is being said are important skills for a counselor. It is also good for a counselor to have good questioning skills, so that they are able to ask probing questions effectively.

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Lakeisha’s Answer

Hey Marcus,

One of the main skills active listening. Active listening is an extremely important skill for a counselor to have. Making eye contact, facial expressions and gestures are some examples to express active listening. When asking questions use open/ended questions to gather facts and details to help you better address the issue at hand. An open question allows you to gather more details and complex information; whereas close questions are more direct with responses like yes or no. Another skill is notetaking. As a counselor, you should always want to take notes to write down important facts that can later on become relevant for something else. Lastly, as a counselor always have a relationship where your client feel they can trust you. This will affect how far they are willing to allow you to know more about them.

Good luck!!