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Murtaza H. Apr 05, 2020 613 views

What is your definition of failure?

I have seen people struggle in different ways based on the task or project we take up. Does that mean we all struggle in the same way?...


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Jenisha S. Apr 07, 2020 322 views

How to work from home

I love helping other in need. I love being outside traveling. I am in JROTC for 4 years. I have leadership skills...


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Za'Yana C. Apr 09, 2020 352 views
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Marcus A. Nov 03, 2020 41 views
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shelbee B. Nov 05, 2020 58 views

what is the best way to apply to a collage

I'm 17, and I'm a senior graduating this year, I love art #arts...


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Ariel J. Nov 05, 2020 179 views

How can I decide what my career will be?

At school, I like learning thing in engineering. I like to build things, do outside work. I am passionate about learning new things and getting challenges. I like to know what i am able on doing in the future as a career for myself. #career-choice #career-path #career-choice #undecided...

#outsidethings #constructing #engineering

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Rheanna S. Nov 06, 2020 98 views

How do I know I'm going into the right field?

I'm planning on going to school for Kinesiology/ Exercise Science because I love helping others rehabilitate....