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How can I open my own Dentistry?

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2 answers

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jennifer’s Answer

Hi there!
I've been in the dental field for over 11 years. If you want to own your own practice, I would suggest first work an an associate in a dental practice. From there you might find it is very expensive to own your own. It is wonderful to be your own boss but overhead cost and insurance is very, very high. If you are going to become a dentist you need your bachelors first. Usually it is a science major such as biology or a science related field. From there it is 4 years at a dental school. From there it can range from 1-5 years for specialties such as pediatric, endodontist( root canal specialist) or oral surgeon which is 4-5 years. You are looking at approx. 8- 12 years of school before you start as a dentist. Also unless you have $250,000 saved up you will have student loans. If you do want your own practice dentists are always retiring so that is something to look into too. You take over there patient base which you do not have to find you own patients.
-Jennifer C

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Justin’s Answer

Hi Juan,

Great question! First, you will need to go to Dental School to get your Doctor in Dental Medicine. You may also want to take some business classes or come up with a business plan, which is essential for any successful business. Then, once you are licensed and have a solid plan, you will need to go down the route of opening up your practice. You will have to secure a building, business loans for the equipment and go through the process of hiring your staff which will include Licensed Dental Hygienist's, an Administrative or Office Assistant or Assistants to answer phones, book appointments, deal with insurance companies and billing.

I hope this helps in at least a small way on your amazing journey to become a professional dentist and opening an awesome practice!!!