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What classes do I need to take in order to pursue becoming an orthodontist? What schools are good to get into dental school?

I am an RDA with three years into college . I never finished but was striving to get my bachelors degree. I was also thinking about Becoming a hygienist. Any tips in how to know what to expect or to do? dentistry college

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4 answers

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Richard’s Answer

In the US, to apply to dental school, you need a bachelor's degree. Any 4-year university should suffice.

Pick a college that suits your personality and a major that interests you. You will need to get good grades in college in order to apply for dental school. Aside from this, any major is acceptable as long as you complete the prerequisite courses.

Biology: Lecture – 12-15 hrs; Lab – 2-3 hrs
General Chemistry: Lecture – 6 hrs; Lab – 2 hrs
Organic Chemistry: Lecture – 6 hrs; Lab – 2 hrs
Biochemistry: Lecture – 3 hrs
General Physics: Lecture – 6 hrs; Lab – 2 hrs
Math: Statistics – 3 hrs
English: Rhetoric (Composition) and/or Literature – 6 hrs

During the 4 years of dental school, you will need to be at the top of your class to apply for orthodontics

Thank you for specifying the class that I should put more attention to. I really appreciate it. May V.

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Dennis’s Answer

In order to become an orthodontist, students need to complete four years of dental school. Coursework in dental school includes anatomy, physiology and microbiology, as well as classes that apply more specifically to orthodontics, such as dental anatomy and occlusion, pediatric dentistry and dental materials

Below is the list of dental schools per state, good luck!

Thank you for answering my question. I really appreciate the clarity and classes you’ve mentioned. May V.

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Estelle’s Answer

Before going to dental school you need to get a college degree with the pre-dental requirements & a high GPA & DAT.
Dental school is 4 years. Orthodontics requires extra training after dental school.
To be an orthodontist you need to be at the very top of your class, i.e. first or second. Orthodontics is very popular, and it is very competitive to be admitted.
Good luck!

Thank you. I really appreciate the information. May V.

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Rachel’s Answer

Agree with above. You will need to be a very competitive applicant (high GPA) in college just to get into dental school. Once you have completed 4 years of dental training, you have the opportunity to apply for orthodontics training. You will have needed to excel in dental school to be accepted.

I appreciate the response. I will take it into consideration. May V.