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what are some majors can i take in college for cosmetology ?...

My name Quaterya and ima sophomore at hillcrest high ... #high-school #high-school #cosmetology #college

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2 answers

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Samantha’s Answer


I would recommend looking into a cosmetology school! There you will really be able to dive into something you really love, like make-up, hair, nails or even massages. Cosmetology school can teach you the basics but also help you find exactly what you want to do. "Regular" colleges don't necessarily offer the cosmetology classes you may be looking for. I do know that some majors at other colleges can include; fashion merchandising and interior design but I think those are the closest thing to what you may be looking for. I would talk to your guidance councilor or do some research to help find the best school for you!

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Kaitlin’s Answer

If you have an interest in the science of cosmetic products you may enjoy a major where you could learn to work with product creation like chemistry. There is a huge shift toward people wanting great skin, hair, and health products that are natural so perhaps even a business major could help you if creating and selling a product would ever be of interest.

However if you are interested in cutting/styling hair, doing makeup and nails cosmetology school will be the best choice. The programs are typically shorter and hands on. You could also look into being an Esthetician to be able to provide spa benefits like facials and waxing services.

Along the lines of massage there are many certification programs for massage therapy, reflexology, etc. that are great options as well.