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Requirement to join Indian Army

I am Dinesh a school student in grade 10th. I want to understand the requirements to join Indian Army?
- What should I peruse in 11th standard?
-Should I so my graduation? If yes which graduation will help?
- What are the physical requirements?


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2 answers

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Archana’s Answer


I really appreciate your patriotism that you want to serve the country and you want to join Army for that. God bless.

There are various roles in Indian Army that one can choose to be part of. Education requirement is very varied for all of them. EX. General Duty soldier can be SSLC/Metric pass with marks anywhere more than 45% or if they are 10+2 then percentage would not matter. However if you want to do the role of clerk, nursing assistant, tradesmen or cartographer the requirements are different.

Below link has all the details available about various roles, their education requirements and six regions of India and the minimum physical standards expected from people of each region.is


Hope this information serves the purpose of initial clarity, Of course you will need to find out a lot more before making a career choice.

All the best, do well.

Archana Jain

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CK’s Answer

Check out the link below:

Hope it helps, good luck for your endeavor.

Hey CK, I checked out the link and it's super helpful! However, your answer could be made even more helpful if you provided context around this link or summarized your findings Gurpreet Lally