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If you want a career as a Machine Learning Engineering (MLE), would you accept an internship for MLE position in JP Morgan or SWE in Google or Data Scientist in Linkedin? (Assuming you get offers from all three or maybe you can help me rank) #GivingisCaring

PhD student in Computer Science #givingiscaring

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2 answers

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Mike’s Answer


Congrats on having three solid offers. I agree with Daniel's sentiment and would add a couple thoughts to consider. More and more of the advanced technology solutions are being developed by the three big Cloud providers - AWS, Microsoft (Azure, Office 365) and Google. I would recommend going with the tech company as that can open the doors to many industries and is a market - Cloud Computing that is growing and has a lot of future potential.

Based on the numbers and Cloud market share I would go with AWS, Microsoft and Google in that order as AWS and Microsoft have much larger Cloud offerings and cover all industry verticals. The nuance here is LInkedIN, I am unsure how much they are operating as there own entity and how much they are intertwined with Microsoft Cloud services. Based on your three options I would go - Google, LinkedIn and then JPMorgan. One key factor with JPMorgan based on being in the IT industry for 30 years in Finance companies pay the highest for their IT staff :)!

Thank you. I appreciate your answer! C E.

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Daniel’s Answer

Hi Clement!

I'm a teaching faculty for a machine learning course at the Harvard Extension School. For an MLE internship, I'd definitely want to work at a company at the bleeding edge of ML, since it's going to open more doors in the future and look good on your resume besides.

Of the three companies you mentioned, Google is best known for their work in ML and big data. They routinely have to build their own solutions since few other companies have to deal with the amount of data they do. Kubernetes, TensorFlow, BigQuery, and AlphaZero are all projects that Google pioneered to solve a big data or machine learning-related problems they had.

Another organization you should consider interning at is OpenAI, the research lab that produced GPT-3 and whose goal is to create artificial general intelligence. In fact, Microsoft (the parent company of LinkedIn) recently obtained an exclusive license for GPT-3, so if you got an internship at LinkedIn you could be exposed to some of their work that way.

I've heard good things about software engineering at JP Morgan generally, but my background isn't fin-tech so it probably wouldn't be my first (or second) choice. The future of machine learning will be in platforms that give developers easy access to new, powerful models. As a result, I'd look to any of the major cloud providers for interesting machine learning-related jobs. Probably Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, in that order.

Thank you. I appreciate your answer! C E.