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Mike Cassidy

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
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Vienna, Virginia
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lakshitha Jan 11, 2021 657 views

How to Fix Avast High CPU Usage

Avast High CPU Usage: Why does the Avast service use such a high CPU avast high cpu usage #general #cyber-security

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C Nov 24, 2020 558 views

If you want a career as a Machine Learning Engineering (MLE), would you accept an internship for MLE position in JP Morgan or SWE in Google or Data Scientist in Linkedin? (Assuming you get offers from all three or maybe you can help me rank) #GivingisCaring

PhD student in Computer Science #GivingisCaring

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Jeshua Jun 19, 2020 711 views

What kind of work experience or skills do you need to work as an IT security?

#work #technology

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Elijah Jun 19, 2020 561 views

What is the best thing about being in IT security?


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Nikolas Jun 19, 2020 733 views

What state has the most demands for a job in IT?

I study python in school. #IT #Python

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Christie Apr 04, 2020 4455 views

What are some best practices for building a LinkedIn profile as a college student?

On a more specific note, should I include my role in an executive board for a student organization in the experiences section or in the volunteering section? #student #resume #job #career #college #linkedin

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Hope Mar 28, 2020 1033 views

How do you find what you want to do?

I am finding I enjoy some of my classes but don't know if they will lead me to a job that I will enjoy. #college #career

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Willian Mar 21, 2020 1019 views

I Would like to know, What do I need to do in order to get an Internship?

I am just a Dreamer , moved to the San Francisco Bay Area 3 Years ago looking for opportunities, improve myself acquiring as much knowledge as possible and a better environment to create network plus a career in the technology industry. #technology #internship #career #computer #engineering

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Ralph Mar 02, 2020 846 views

What benefits are provided working in information technology?

#technology #information-technology #tech #programmer #programming #computer