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I Would like to know, What do I need to do in order to get an Internship?

I am just a Dreamer , moved to the San Francisco Bay Area 3 Years ago looking for opportunities, improve myself acquiring as much knowledge as possible and a better environment to create network plus a career in the technology industry. #technology #internship #career #computer #engineering

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7 answers

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Conrad’s Answer

Hi Willian, the dreamer, great questions. And to be honest even after 10+ years in the job market with experience working in 3 different countries, I still ask the same question when I want to transition jobs. And I feel I will continue asking from time to time, since the world changes and we change! After I moved to the US 6 years I go, I decided to pursue an MBA (master in business administration), so I had to think which kind of MBA internship I wanted to apply for and how to maximize my chances. Here a few of the steps I took, hope it helps you:

1) **** I tried to first pick an industry**** (or 2 industries for example, but not much more than that)
THIS IS NOT an easy exercise, and seems you already know what you want (technology), well done!
For other people who may read this, here are a few tips on this one: In my case I chose Technology/Internet as well. I felt it was an area that was growing, that I liked a lot and that I could grow AND change people's lives significantly. So it could give me meaning but also possibility to grow and make goof money. If you are for some reason unsure, I suggest you to continue thinking about that, you can do many things: spend some time thinking about what you like. Spend time reading which industries exist (there are many lists, including this one: https://www.bls.gov/iag/tgs/iag_index_alpha.htm). Talk to people you know and see where they work, what they like and what they don't like about the industry they work, etc. Talk to your professors, friends, read news, go to networking events, etc. You see my point, this is something that you put 1h a day every day and over the years, you may change your mind, which is fine. :)

2) ****I chose companies within that industry****
Then I made a list of 10 companies that I really wanted to focus first. In my case Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others. It does not mean those are your only options, but you need to start somewhere. I made this list based on companies I knew, rankings of best companies to work for, and from conversations I had, etc.

3)**** I went to those companies websites and monitored open jobs and read the job minimum qualifications & responsibilities****
Now the fun begins, ;) You now have specific companies in mind and now by going to their websites you can actually see what each company looks for when hiring someone for a certain role, in your case an internship. Those requirements are very useful for you to understand which skills companies want and things you have or have to build over time. And you can see the responsibilities of each role, what you like and don't like to do, OR at least what you think could be a good fit.

4)***I Built my resume and applied to several roles***
Don't be shy, you know which companies are your top picks for you, go after what you are passionate about!!!!! Build a nice resume, and highlight areas in which you see the company is looking for. Have people review your resume...and apply online! Apply to several opportunities to get a chance to get one. Don't be discouraged if you apply to 10 companies and get 0 interviews, this means you should probably apply to 20 or more sometimes, ;) But do it diligently, choose first you top 10, then another 10, etc.

5)**Get an internal referral if you can**.
Make sure your LinkedIn profile is very sharp and try to expand your network there as much as you can. See if you have friends or people you know that could make an internal referral for you based on what they know about you. This could increase chanced you are called for an interview.

6)**Prepare for the interview**.
Since you know which industry you want, you can start reading more about it right now and be prepared to answer questions around "why do you want that industry?" and "why are you passionate about technology"? This will come natural for you if it is something you really like, but you can always set a Google Alert for specific topic (or companies) and get news every day about it.
I would wait until you are invited for the interview to prepare for a specific company, then you should answer questions around: "why do you want to work for this company" and beyond.

Those are just my thoughts, hope it helps, good luck!!!

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Yusra’s Answer

Hey William!

This is a great question to ask, and you've already received a bunch of great responses. I don't want to sound too repetitive than all the other responses but they have merit! I worked in recruiting at Verizon for 4 years and one tool our recruiters use religiously is LinkedIn. So make sure you leverage the free tools that you have at your disposal. Brag about yourself - recruiters want to learn more about you, and what you CAN do, based on what you've been able to accomplish. Ensure with every line in your resume you always include what YOU did and what was the impact of your action.

Best of luck to you.

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Mike’s Answer

A couple of recommendations to help improve your chances in gaining an internship:

1). LinkedIN Profile - Is your LinkedIN profile up to date and fully developed so prospective employers can see your skills and background along with your career objectives. Are you connected to enough people in your field through LinkedIN to help gain exposure. Many books and free online resources on developing a LinkedIN profile, this is a good one - https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/career-resource-center/how-to-create-linkedin-profile/

2), GitHub - If you program and develop code having a GitHub profile where your code can be posted and used to demonstrate your skills.

3). Meetups - Sign up for the Meetup app and go to relevant Meet Ups in your area especially with companies that you are interested in interning for

If I knew what specific technology area you were focused on I may be able to add more tips. Good luck!

I actually had three internships before I got a position. I would say to continue doing searches on Google. Make sure that you actually take the time to look in some untraditional places that maybe you haven't looked before or you still have an interest. Museums, symphonies, dance organizations and other nonprofits still have internships in marketing, accounting etc. remember that transferable skills are really important and that's an easy way to gain some! Examine job descriptions, schedule an opportunity to check out your job progress and ask for areas where you can improve, schedule a meeting with certain people to see exactly what their job entails. Makini Slaughter

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Ravikiran’s Answer

There is no one way to get an internship. However below are the tips that I followed while doing my internship search which helped.
1. Career websites like LinkedIn
2. Connect with people who are working in the companies that you intrested in through Linkedin
3. By connecting to people you would know any opportunities or if the companie would offer any internships, because not all companies offer many internships. That way you can focus on those companies more.
4. Monitor the career portal for your preferred companies every day. Because the sooner you apply for a position, the higher your chances of getting an interview.
5. Brushup your skills every day so that you are ever ready for an interview.

Hope these suggestions help you

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Dennis’s Answer

Willian setting up a Linkedin Account could be a good Bridge to Companies that you can partner with as well as inquiring about their Internship programs.

Best of Luck!

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Giovanni’s Answer

Hey William, best way to obtain an internship is joining engineering societies and by creating a LinkedIn profile account. This will both help you get you an intern job as you will be able to connect with professionals and speak with them. Make sure to establish friendships in school with your proffersor or classmates and make connections with them, this will establish your profile on LinkedIn.

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Guilherme’s Answer

Hello William,

I have been in your shoes, I know exactly the feeling, trying and applying for many internship positions. I finally got an opportunity as Database Engineer Intern. I believe that I got this because of I was reaching out with my network, specially on LinkedIn. Talking to others, looking to any open positions and trying to know anyone who works there so they can referral you.

Even with that much work, I still believe you will need to have a little bit of luck.

I hope this might have helped.

Good luck!