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Joel Schnee

Sr. Director of Software Engineering
Information Technologies, Online Media and Communications Products
Purcellville, Virginia
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Brenden’s Avatar
Brenden Sep 16, 2019 591 views

I would like to know if coding could be done at home (basically, a stay at home job)

I am Brenden. I am in 8th grade & I am very intrigued by coding whatever the circumstance whether it's for a website or a smart program. #coding #software

Giovanna’s Avatar
Giovanna Jun 30, 2021 316 views

How do you manage college and a job?

I need to figure how to balance them both while still giving 100% to both things. #college-advice #job

Quiana’s Avatar
Quiana Aug 10, 2021 491 views

How do you improve time management at work?

#time-management , #data entry, #revenue cycle

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Sep 01, 2017 765 views

What is the best way to get a job at NASA?

I am planning on majoring in Astronomy and Astrophysics in college and I would like to know the best way to get a job at NASA. #astronomy #astrophysics #nasa

Rajveer’s Avatar
Rajveer Jul 04, 2021 588 views

What do you do when you become a software developer and is it a good career to go for?

I am in high school. Currently thinking about my career and want to know more about software development. #software #software-development #software-engineer #technology #video-games

Alijan’s Avatar
Alijan May 08, 2021 411 views

How to work in NASA


Willian’s Avatar
Willian Mar 21, 2020 715 views

I Would like to know, What do I need to do in order to get an Internship?

I am just a Dreamer , moved to the San Francisco Bay Area 3 Years ago looking for opportunities, improve myself acquiring as much knowledge as possible and a better environment to create network plus a career in the technology industry. #technology #internship #career #computer #engineering