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What benefits are provided working in information technology?

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9 answers

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Jami’s Answer

hi Ralph,

There are two ways to think about benefits.

Medical Benefits
IT is a pretty competitive field, and many of the major IT companies have amazing medical benefits. You can go to webpage for various IT companies and they usually have a section that highlights benefits. This would include medical benefits, continuing education benefits, vacation benefits and perks. If you go to a technology company's webpage, you can find "Careers" as a selection, and within there for most companies is a Benefits section. It can take searching.

General Benefit as a Person
Working in IT is a great place to be, programming skills are in demand and highly employable. The salary is usually enough to know that you will be able to take care of your self financially and even a family some day.

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Arun Kumar’s Answer

Hi Ralph, Like in the yesteryear's, IT is no more a break fixing function. IT is the business enabler for all tech companies. Like in the current situation of Virus, it is IT in all the companies which is keeping the business running. When world gets to the other side of current situation, there will be new normal. Companies may start thinking their investment in the every increasing expensive 'Real Estate'. This is yet another use case scenario, where IT will be in the forefront to run the business. All the digitization that is happening in the world today, IT is the enabler.

IT is not just the case handling, hardware maintenance/operation, it is all about software defined and programmable. Developing business process that run the business, IT is about analytics, AI/ML etc.

As you can see with the examples above, IT enables technologies, Business etc. Also IT is in the center of work force, Work place and Work load transformation enablement. There is not better time than now to be part of IT.

Hope this helps

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Jayaprakash’s Answer

New and new businesses are created every day with more innovation in technology. With these new businesses, technology is making things easier for everyone. Taking advantage of such trends provides incredible opportunities for business owners but without proper skill and lack in the talent will lead the business to down and lag behind the competitors.

Technology made possible to run business operations globally. It had made the business so easy and practical for peoples that anyone sitting anywhere running his/her business from any room in their house. Communication is an important part of any business and technology has made it so easy for businesses to reach worldwide anywhere. World Wide Web is the best illustration to explain the need for information technology and its benefit.

With the help of technology, we can deliver customers improved quality at a low cost and improvise speed of the products and also it helps in serving more clients at the same time. It also enables automate numerous processes which help in increasing productivity. While maintaining the integrity of the information, technology helps to store more information easily.

With this, we can easily store sensitive and confidential information in a better way without even breaching vulnerable data. Also, this information can easily and instantly be retrieved as per the need and can analyze these data for the prediction as well with studying past trends. In short, it helps in the decision-making process.

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Rahul’s Answer

I can see a lot of interesting things to happen around us.
There are excellent job opportunities as everyone wants to pursue courses that can lead them to get a job. Since the IT sector is growing through an exponential growth phase in various parts of the world, a career in this sector is always interesting.
There is great demand of good programmers as well as quality software and it pays you well with lucrative packages and salary.
The good thing is that not just a salaried person if you desire to become an entrepreneur you can choose IT sector as your career path.
Many people have the aspiration to go outside the country to seek better job opportunities. This will happen only if you choose to study IT courses. So you can choose your jobs abroad.

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Mike’s Answer

Having worked in Information Technology for almost 30 years and still loving it. Here are several of the many benefits of working in the IT field:

1). Continual Learning - Change is the only constant in IT and if you enjoy constant learning you will really enjoy this field.

2). Flexibility - Provides a lot of flexibility in terms of tele-work, career advancement and various areas to focus in. While some people look at Cybersecurity as one discipline as example, there are many sub-categories and paths. For example you could be a Security Operations Center analyst or a security compliance auditor. Each requires different skills.

3). Top 10 Jobs - IT makes up five to six of the Top 10 jobs in the next 10 years from Cybersecurity experts to Data Scientists there are many different jobs and a very high demand.

4). Job Security - As long as you continue to learn and keep your skills relevant the IT field provides a lot of job security and has always been in high demand.

Mike recommends the following next steps:

Check out https://www.codecademy.com/ for programming skills
Check out SANS for Cybersecurity skills - https://www.sans.org/courses

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Liam’s Answer

Hey Ralph, this is a great question. In terms of health or financial benefits, that's difficult to predict. I will say that many tech companies offer compensation for classes that are relevant to your career with is great for upward mobility or moving into a more specialized role.

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Harsha’s Answer

It's really company specific. Majority of them Health benefit, Home Internet Expense, Mobile bill expenses.
Some companies rarely provide complimentary travel allowances, free canteen in office premises.

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Laura’s Answer

Software is a great field to be in because not only is it intertwined with a lot of other fields you may like, but it also offers a lot of creative opportunities. Contrary to what some people may believe of computer science being all about math, I went into computer science not only because I like math, but because I like to use my imagination and be an idea-thinker (and hey, math also requires a lot of creativity that people don't see at first glance). The options for creativity are endless in software. You can develop and design people's websites from scratch using any kind of background, shapes, animations, etc. that you want, you can develop an app that addresses anything from a small to large issue that's making life less easy than it should be, you can be creative with how you want to tackle a cybersecurity issue for an app so that the company you're working for will be more reliable to the consumer and will be able to help the consumer, you can help design a great video game, and you can help even make medical processes simpler by combining artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and augmented reality. My personal passion is looking at how software can help healthcare advance.

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Wesley’s Answer

Hi Ralph,

IT is such a broad field and provide a lot of benefits. As a continuous learner, I like the idea of personal growth and the opportunity to transitioned in different areas. The only limitation is how much time you willing to put in to learn new technology. As far health and monetary benefits, that will all the depends if you landed on working for a great company that provides other benefits you seek.