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Tiffanie L. Jul 25, 2016 1044 views

How do you approach a difficult customer ?

When you are dealing with someone who is visibly upset, what do you do to stop the situation from going to far? #work...


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Megan Rylee D. Dec 06, 2018 435 views

What are qualities of a good LinkedIn profile?

I am wondering what employers want to see in a LinkedIn profile and what they don't want to see. #linkedin #job...


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Hector C. Aug 28, 2019 164 views

Which language should i start with in learning code?

Just starting to learn code going to college for computer programming #computer-programming...


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Aun M. Feb 23 349 views

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn for high school students? Do you recommend it?

I've already done quite a bit of research on this topic, and have found that most professionals advocate for high school students to have one to increase their digital footprint (positively). I still want to hear more input from professionals, and what they think! Just to put into perspective,...

#internship #job-search #job #college #networking #career

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christian N. Mar 26 146 views


honesty i will work hard to get my career on technology. #tech #technology #career...


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Gabe P. Apr 03 337 views

Is it smart to get a second bachelor's degree in Information Technology?

Hi. I'm Amy - I go by Gabe. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration . I am in the process of changing career paths into information technology and am particularly interested in moving into a cyber security role, maybe in cloud security. I...

#programming #computer-science #technology #information-technology #cyber-security